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  • Added: (2012-05-30 11:52:31)

    hothiphopvideosonline is beginning to work on it's next stage, we have users we have music and we have blog spammers.  The thing about the spammers is that they really offer no value they don't even look at the advertisements, so I guess I need to find a tool to shut them down. 

    We don't mind the advertisement but just like always they get carried away and take advantage of a good thing, They use there bots and fake names and try to  bogart the site.  So if you find your bogs being removed you only have your self to thank.

     Lately we have experianced a lot of comment spamming and regular blog spamming, I have not deleted you and your advertisements but I will.  Your not helping make the site any better.  You are not reading the advertisements, your just taking advantage of a loop hole that I'm trying not to plug.  But if it get out of hand you will give me no choice.

    So please stop spamming the comments you know who you are.


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