About Us

In 2008 Willie Woods the CEO of thewoodsgroup formed
a new LLC. called Noiram.  The purpose of Noiram was to bring
together our various websites under one umbrella. That
Umbrella would be Noiram.

To date we have over 57 web properties in our portfolio
one of which is hothiphopvideosonline.com.  Hothiphopvideosonline
was basically put in place so that new artist would have a place to advertise
their projects without any major cost to them.

In the mean time we have received videos, blogs and mix tapes from all walks
of life.  We have also created a balance where we can coexist with spammer, who
call themselves advertisers.  We have allow them to use the
space dedicated to the blogs.  

It is also an exercise in traffic generation, we have learned to build
a massive traffic engine, free traffic engine for which we have used
to increase the traffic to our properties.  

We allow things that most site don't such as advertisements disguise as blog post.
We are continually in the building mode and are always looking for
new partners that can enhance our brand.  We are slowly forming
our model and once we are complete we should be able to transform
to a full video sharing network.


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