/lofi hip hop radio – beats to study/relax to 🐾

lofi hip hop radio – beats to study/relax to 🐾

We hope you enjoy these chill lofi hip hop tunes while studying / chilling / working. ♥

🐾 PENPAWS: Help us raise 8.000 euros to provide full Virtual Reality gear to kids in hospital. VR allows the kids to have fun and engaging activities together, while in the hospital during the holidays. We’re matching everyone’s donations and we’re over halfway to our goal! 🐾

ℹ️ More info on the project and how to donate at https://chillhop.ffm.to/playgroundvr.oyd ♥️

🎧 Lofi Hip Hop Playlists
↪︎ Spotify: https://chillhop.lnk.to/lofihiphop
↪︎ Apple: https://chillhop.lnk.to/applemusic
↪︎ YouTube: https://youtu.be/aB_QNyPdS64

🐾 Listen to the new Chillhop Radio
↪︎ https://youtu.be/5yx6BWlEVcY

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👇 More Chillhop music
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↪︎ Webshop: https://shop.chillhop.com

✔️ Add tracks from the radio directly to your playlists
↪︎ https://live.chillhop.com

🎨 Illustration & Animation
↪︎ Tevy Dubray » https://www.tev-art.com/
↪︎ Jeoffrey Magellan » http://jeoffreymagellan.tumblr.com
↪︎ https://instagram.com/magellan_illustration

🙏 The Chillhop Community
↪︎ https://discord.gg/chillhop
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