/2020 Recap Rap

2020 Recap Rap

That’s a rap on 2020 folks! And the recap is a doozy…
Happy New Year everyone!

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2020 Recap Rap
It’s hard to believe how much happened in the year 2020. Here’s a rap song that recaps some of the most memorable moments.

Song Written and Performed by Ryan Tellez (http://www.twitter.com/tellezryan)
Music Produced by Taylor Lipari-Hassett (http://www.taylorlipari.com)
Edited by Chance Cole
Directed by Michael Schroeder and Michael Adams Davis
Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom

– The Warp Zone –
Michael Adams Davis (http://instagr.am/teamdavisinsta)
Brian Fisher (http://instagr.am/lifeofbrianfisher)
David Odom (http://instagr.am/mr.spodom)
Michael Schroeder (http://instagr.am/theschroeder)
Ryan Tellez (http://instagr.am/tellezryan)

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